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Australian Travel Wholesalers are an Australian based travel agency that specializes in travel throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. It is a family company, owned by Geoff and Cathy Wight who have run it since its inception 18 years ago. We have a huge network of websites that promote travel products throughout these regions. Our staff members are all fully qualified to advise you about travel in these regions. Our websites date back to 1998 and have now grown to be some of the leading providers of travel information for the destinations they promote.

Queensland is Australia’s most popular holiday state. Here you will find fabulous beachside resort towns or tropical island paradises. New South Wales is home to Sydney and shares the Australian ski fields with Victoria. The Northern Territory is the home of the icons of the Outback like Ayers Rock and Kakadu National park. Western Australia is spectacular and here you will find the Kimberley region and the Bungle Bungle ranges. Perth is the capital and lies in the south. South Australia has Kangarro Island with is microcosm of Australian wildlife as well as the Barossa Valley wineries and Tasmania is full of spectacular wilderness areas, Cradle Mountain and Tasmanian devils.

New Zealand is the most beautiful country on earth. A central spine of snow capped mountains falls away to green coastal plains. Skiing as you have never experienced it before and the best food and wines you will ever enjoy. The Pacific Islands range from the primitive beauty of Papua New Guinea to the fantastic island paradises we have only dreamed about. Places you must have on your bucket list like, Fiji, New Caladonia, Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti and Hawaii. If you book every holiday you take from now until you die, through Australian Travel Wholesalers, we will send you to some of the greatest paradises on earth and every trip will be different from the last. Take this link to and it will take you on a voyage of discovery about some of the best holiday destinations in the world.

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